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Welcome to natalieicontest! This is an icon challenge for the talented and beautiful actress Natalie Portman, who has starred in such films as Leon: The Professional, Where the Heart Is, Garden State, and Star Wars.


- Each week there is a new challenge.
- You will have five days to submit an entry.
- Voting will take place on which icons are the best.
- Winners will be announced and a new challenge will be announced.


- There is to be absolutely no flaming. Constructive criticism is always nice, but flaming is mean and it will not be tolerated.
- Icons must be standard LJ size - 100x100 pixels, please. :)
- The icons you submit must be your own work. This means that you can't steal icons or use other people's bases when making an icon. It must be all yours.
- You are not allowed to submit old icons or icons that have been submitted to other icontests. We want new, fresh, pretty ones! :)
- Please do not take someone else's icon. If you would like to use an icon that someone enters into a challenge, simply ask them after the challenge is over.
- In order to submit icons, you must become a member of this community first.
- When submitting an icon(s), please do so in reply to the post that announces the challenge.
- Include the icon and the icon's url. If you do not include the url in your post, your icon will not be accepted.
- You are allowed to submit 3 icons.


- Voting will be posted at the end of the week.
- You will vote on which icon best fits into the following categories.

1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
Most Creative/Unique
Best Use of Coloring
Best Use of Text

- In addition, you will vote on the theme for the next icon challenge.
- When you vote, you are not allowed to vote for your own icon(s). It's not fair to others and it's not fair to you either. If I find out that you have, you will be banned from the community.
- Until the voting is done and the winners are announced, you are not allowed to post the icon(s) you submitted anywhere.
- You do not have a to be a member of this community to vote, though it would be nice. :)


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