Hi, everyone. :) I feel bad about not being a good mod and updating this community as regularly as I should, so I've decided to put this community on hiatus for awhile.

This does not mean that this community is dead or that I don't want to be mod anymore. It just means that I've been horribly busy this summer getting ready for college, dealing with certain family problems, etc. I plan to start things up officially on September 3. :)

Some things I still need to do, such as putting up the results for challenge #44 and putting up the new header. I'll do these things as soon as I can get to them, but I can't promise when.

Thanks so much for everyone who's helped to make this community successful and I look forward to starting up again in a month. :)

Mod Note

Hi, guys! You must have noticed the lack of updates in this comm and I just wanted to let you know that I'm very sorry for that. I went on a mini-vacation and so, yeah, that's why there haven't been new challenges or anything for awhile. Just please be patient and this community will be all caught up by this weekend. <333


Voting for Header Challenge #2

We had 16 BEAUTIFUL entries!!! While that's good news, it's bad news for the dial-up users, so beware. I am also amused by the fact that everyone seemed to use the same types of pictures.

Voting is a bit different than it is on the regular icon challenges. You'll still vote for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, but I'm weighing the votes this time. A 1st place vote will be worth 3 points, a 2nd place vote will be worth two, and a 3rd place vote will be worth 1. Whichever header gets the most points will become our new header! :D

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Reminder :)

I know it's not my job to, but I don't have banners to make so I'd like to let you all know that Challenge 44 ends this Friday. Please get your icons in by then :)


Don't forget to vote in challenge 43 either :)


Sorry, ronniekins77 if I'm overstepping my boundaries, I apologize, I'm on a chocolate malt high so I needed to occupy myself XD
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Icon Challenge #44

Icon Challenge #44

:: This challenge will be a Specific Screencap challenge - you are only allowed to make icons of this picture.

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:: When submitting an icon(s), please do so in response to this post, no other.

:: Include the icon AND the icon's url. If you do not include the url in your comment, your icon will not be accepted.

:: You are allowed to submit 3 icons. Remember, these icons cannot be previously made or submitted other icon challenges.

:: In order to submit icons, you must be a member of this community first.

:: Submission deadline is Friday, June 30 @ Midnight EST.

Header Challenge #2

Header Challenge #2

:: Hey, guys. It's that time again! We've had this wonderful layout for just about six months (can you believe it's been that long??) and it's time for a new one!

:: You can make a header out of any Natalie Portman image(s) that you wish! The header can be any size. Feel free to also submit a default icon to match the header. The only requirement is that the header MUST have natalieicontest on it somewhere. :)

:: Please submit your header and icon as a reply to this post.

:: When submitting, include the URLs of both the header and icon.

:: You are allowed to submit 2 headers.

:: All submissions need to be in by Friday, June 30 @ Midnight EST. This means you have two weeks to submit your headers. This way we can have a new layout on July 1!

:: Have fun & be creative!